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Aaron Goodwin Net Worth

Aaron Goodwin Net Worth: How Rich is the Ghost Adventures Star?

Aaron Goodwin is best known as a co-host of the hit paranormal reality TV series Ghost Adventures. Alongside Zak Bagans and other investigators, Aaron has daringly explored haunted locations across America and around the world.

But how much is Aaron worth after years in the spotlight? What major business moves has he made to build his $1.5 million fortune?

This in-depth guide examines Aaron Goodwin’s net worth and how the celebrity ghost hunter amassed his wealth. We cover his career, investments, lifestyle, philanthropy, and the defining experiences that shaped his path. Let’s take a look under the hood at Aaron Goodwin’s finances.

Background and Early Life

Aaron Goodwin was born on April 1, 1976, in Portland, Oregon, making him 48 years old as of 2024. His parents divorced when he was young and Aaron split time living with each of them in Oregon and Washington state.

As a teenager, Aaron developed an interest in filming and photography. He bought his first video camera at age 15 and began honing his skills behind the lens.

After high school, Aaron briefly studied photography at the Art Institute of Seattle. However, he soon dropped out to pursue work as a camera operator and videographer.

The early experiences capturing footage and editing video would prove formative in enabling Aaron’s future success in the world of paranormal documentary filmmaking.

Career Beginnings and Rise to Fame

In the early 2000s, Aaron worked on the camera crew for various reality shows filmed in Las Vegas. This included the paranormal series Sightings.

It was on the set of Sightings in 2004 that Aaron would have his fateful first encounter with Zak Bagans, a DJ and paranormal enthusiast. Zak had a concept for a ghost-hunting documentary show and recruited Aaron to help film a demo episode.

The demo was successful and got picked up as the 2004 documentary film Ghost Adventures. It followed Zak and Aaron exploring purportedly haunted hotspots in Nevada.

Ghost Adventures was a surprise hit. This led the Travel Channel to sign Zak, Aaron, and fellow investigator Nick Groff for a ghost-hunting series by the same name.

Ghost Adventures premiered in 2008 and became an instant sensation. The crew’s thrilling lockdowns in creepy locales around the world fascinated viewers, spawning over 20 seasons and counting.

With his goofy, likable personality paired with an instinct for entertaining camera work, Aaron emerged as a fan favorite on the show. He also took the lead on reviewing evidence and paranormal gadgets.

Ghost Adventures Success

Ghost Adventures propelled Aaron to fame and fortune practically overnight. By taking a chance on his friend Zak Bagans’ passion project a decade prior, Aaron secured a starring role in one of cable’s biggest hits.

The series averaged around 2 million viewers per first-run episode in its heyday, with reruns still airing regularly today. This enabled Aaron to start raking in major paychecks.

It’s estimated Aaron earns $5,000 per episode of Ghost Adventures. With 20+ seasons averaging around 20 episodes each, that equates to over $2 million just from his salary on the show.

On top of this, Aaron brings in additional revenue from:

  • Public appearances – Aaron makes paid appearances at paranormal conventions and events. He commands fees of $15,000 or more for some single-day bookings.
  • Merchandise – The Ghost Adventures stars have lucrative merch lines, allowing Aaron to collect royalties.
  • Spin-offs – Aaron occasionally appears in Ghost Adventures spin-offs like Ghost Nation, adding to his bank account.

While Zak Bagans remains the face of the franchise, Aaron Goodwin has still benefitted tremendously from the success of Ghost Adventures over nearly 15 years now.

Investments and Other Ventures

A shrewd businessman, Aaron Goodwin has invested portions of his Ghost Adventures earnings in companies and real estate to grow his wealth:

  • Aaron co-founded the production company Film Core with fellow investigator Jay Wasley in Las Vegas. They produce projects through the company.
  • He invested in the successful Urban Outsiders clothing brand started by his Ghost Adventures co-star Nick Groff.
  • Aaron owns two houses in Las Vegas valued at more than $100,000 each, which he rents out.
  • He bought shares of the prominent Vegas restaurant Morton’s The Steakhouse when it opened.

Between smart investments and various business ventures, Aaron has likely generated hundreds of thousands in additional income beyond his Ghost Adventures paydays.

Aaron Goodwin Net Worth Milestones and Highlights

Here are some key milestones that show Aaron Goodwin’s accumulating wealth over the years:

  • In the early 2000s – Aaron was likely earning around $50,000 per year as a cameraman before Ghost Adventures.
  • 2008-2011 – When the first season of Ghost Adventures aired to the peak of Ghost Adventures, Aaron may have been worth around $500,000 to $1 million between his salary, royalties, and new income sources.
  • 2023 – With years of income from the show, investments, and assets, Aaron Goodwin’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Lifestyle and Splurges

While Aaron Goodwin maintains a relatively low-key lifestyle compared to celebrity peers, he enjoys spending his millions:

  • Aaron lives in a multi-thousand-dollar house in the Southwest Las Vegas Valley.
  • He tools around town in a $90,000 Ford Raptor TRX customized with Ghost Adventures logos.
  • Aaron travels in comfort, flying first class and staying in high-end hotels during lockdowns and appearances.
  • To unwind after intense investigations, he indulges in luxuries like fine dining and trips to the spa.
  • Aaron spends on hobbies like golf, snowboarding, horseback riding, and visiting gun ranges.
  • While not known for splurging on lavish homes or cars, Aaron undoubtedly lives a very comfortable lifestyle.

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Philanthropy and Causes

Aaron uses a portion of his wealth and publicity for good causes:

  • He has been involved in fundraising for Shriners Hospitals for Children.
  • During the pandemic, Aaron and his Ghost Adventures partners donated $5,000 to help Las Vegas families struggling with hunger.
  • They also partnered with The Shade Tree Shelter to provide relief for abused women and children in Vegas.
  • For his birthday one year, Aaron asked fans to donate to the animal rescue The Cujo Cat Chronicles rather than send him gifts.

While not the most vocal philanthropist, Aaron lends a hand to various charities and causes, especially ones aiding children, women, and animals.

Lessons Learned and Keys to Success

Aaron Goodwin attributes his success to a few key lessons:

  • Take risks – Aaron took a risk by pursuing filmmaking instead of finishing college. He then jumped at the chance to help Zak Bagans create a demo reel for Ghost Adventures on faith that it could lead to bigger things. This paid off massively.
  • Build a great team – Surrounding himself with talented, passionate people like Zak Bagans and Nick Groff was instrumental. Aaron says the chemistry and camaraderie between the Ghost Adventures crew is part of the show’s magic.
  • Work hard – Long days filming and traveling for lockdowns aren’t easy. But Aaron emphasizes a strong work ethic.
  • Stay humble – Fame and fortune haven’t gone to Aaron’s head. He remains down-to-earth and approachable to fans.


In summary, Aaron Goodwin’s net worth stands at an impressive $1.5 million. His wealth stems from a lengthy, lucrative stint as co-host of Ghost Adventures since 2008, along with proprietary business investments.

Fame found Aaron by taking a risk on his friend Zak Bagans’ idea for a ghost-hunting documentary concept. This launched a hit show that made Aaron very rich, with plenty of spooky adventures still ahead.

FAQs About Aaron Goodwin’s Net Worth

Here are some frequently asked questions about Aaron Goodwin’s wealth and money:

  • How much is Aaron Goodwin’s net worth in 2023?

Estimates place Aaron Goodwin’s current net worth at around $1.5 million.

  • What is Aaron Goodwin’s salary per episode of Ghost Adventures?

Reports estimate Aaron earns around $5,000 for each episode he appears in.

  • What are Aaron’s main sources of income?

The bulk of Aaron’s wealth comes from Ghost Adventures’ salary, merchandising royalties, public appearances, and various investments.

  • Is Aaron Goodwin a millionaire?

Yes, Aaron Goodwin is most certainly a millionaire multiple times over at this point in his career.

  • How much did Aaron make on the first season of Ghost Adventures?

Likely between $50k-$100K for the initial season before pay is increased.

Other FAQs About Aaron Goodwin

Beyond the ghost hunter’s net worth, here are some other frequently asked questions about Aaron:

  • Is Aaron Goodwin married?

No, Aaron is not currently married. He was previously married to Sheila Goodwin in the 2000s but they divorced in 2011 with no children.

  • What is Aaron’s educational background?

Aaron briefly attended the Art Institute of Seattle to study photography. He didn’t complete a degree before pursuing work in reality TV production.

  • How old was Aaron when Ghost Adventures started?

Aaron was around 31 years old when the first season of Ghost Adventures premiered in 2008.

  • Is Aaron Goodwin leaving Ghost Adventures?

There are no indications Aaron plans to leave Ghost Adventures at this time after nearly 15 years on the show.

  • What is Aaron’s nickname on Ghost Adventures?

Fans affectionately call Aaron “Gumby” on the show for his goofy, flexible personality.

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