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How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services? Best Paying Jobs & Career Path

Thinking of getting into consumer services.
And what kind of job prospects, salaries, and chances for advancement are out there?
Well, don’t worry! We are about to give you the lowdown on the available jobs in consumer service and how much you can expect to get paid.
We’ll even dish out some details on the top-paying jobs in the field and weigh the pros and cons of a career in this area.
Consumer services jobs offer plenty of opportunities, regardless of your background—whether you’re African American, a single mom, or a teenager.

What Exactly Are Consumer Services?

It is all about helping customers find what they need, whether purchasing products, resolving an issue, or getting personalized service. This can include anything from customer support & hospitality to sales at retail.
Some common examples of consumer service jobs are customer service representatives, call center agents, retail associates, food service workers, & hotel staff.
These jobs require a combination of skills, such as computer software or knowledge of specific products or services, and don’t forget soft skills like communication, problem solving & empathy.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else

Sam Walton

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services?

The job market for consumer services is vast and constantly evolving. According to recent statistics, millions of jobs are available in various consumer service industries, from retail to restaurants to hospitality & there are 2.5 million job openings in just Consumer non-durables

That’s why it is an attractive option for people from all backgrounds whether a recent high school graduate, a stay-at-home parent looking for flexible work, or someone wanting to change careers.

Of course, as with any job market, there are trends & patterns to watch out for.

For example, the rise of automation and artificial intelligence may impact certain consumer services jobs, such as those involving basic data entry or simple customer support tasks. 

Also means that new opportunities may emerge, such as roles focused on managing and optimizing these technologies.

There are opportunities specifically for African Americans; there are many avenues to explore within consumer services. Many companies actively seek to diversify their workforce and provide opportunities for people from underrepresented backgrounds.

What Do Consumer Services Jobs Pay?

Pay is one of the key factors in starting a career.

It depends on a lot of things: your education, work experience, & the specific job you are doing.

For example, a customer service representative might make less than a marketing manager in the same company.

Although customer service jobs can offer various salaries. Entry-level positions might pay around minimum wage, while more specialized or managerial positions can pay much more.

Unless you love everybody, you can’t sell anybody

Dicky Fox

According to ZipRecruiter average annual wage for customer service representatives in the USA is about $36,627 as of March 2023.

But what about other types of consumer service?

Well, while it’s not necessarily the highest-paying industry, it’s not the lowest either. And with the increasing demand for good customer experiences in this field, salaries are also rising.

A call center representative makes around $15 per hour & a sales manager makes $80,000 per year.

And if you’re really looking to make some serious cash, then consider pursuing a career as a customer experience director or vice president, which can pay well into 6 figures.

Of course, money isn’t everything. But it’s important to consider when choosing a career.

You should choose a job that aligns with your skills & interests and that you find fulfilling.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

Patient Coordinator:

So, a patient coordinator is a healthcare professional who helps patients with their medical needs. They work in hospitals, clinics, rehab centers, and other facilities. They have to communicate effectively with patients & doctors, monitor their progress, and even coordinate their treatment.

Some of the top employers for patient coordinators are CorVel, Optum, Inc., Home Instead, and Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis. The average salary for this job is around $92,170 per year.

To become a patient coordinator, you’ll need an associate degree in nursing or medical assisting. Certification in business administration is also helpful. Some employers may require experience handling account books and knowledge of law and ethics.

Being a patient coordinator is a rewarding job that requires strong communication skills and a passion for helping others.

Bank Teller:

A Bank Teller is the friendly face that helps you with your money at a bank or credit union. They’re the ones you’ll see behind the counter, ready to assist you with any financial transaction you need.

Teller job is pretty important because they handle things like deposits, withdrawals, & cashing checks. They’re responsible for keeping track of all the money that flows in and out of the bank, so they need to be good at managing cash.

But being a Bank Teller isn’t just about numbers and counting cash. You also need to be good at customer service. That means being friendly & approachable and always willing to answer questions or help out a confused customer.

In the United States, Bank Tellers make an average annual salary of $35,029.

So, if you’re good with numbers, enjoy working with people, and want to start a career in banking, then becoming a Bank Teller might be the perfect job for you!

Customer Service Manager:

The Customer Service Manager is like the ultimate boss of customer service. They’re in charge of ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that customers have a great experience.

This means they keep an eye on how the customer service reps are doing, manage the number of reps available, and figure out how to solve any problems.

They’re kind of like an orchestra conductor, making sure everything is in tune and playing their part.

Sometimes, they have to jump in to help out with a call or talk to a customer directly, but most of the time, they’re working behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. The average salary for a Customer Service Manager is $96,655 annually.


Personal assistants who can help you with almost anything in your life. Originally, they were mostly found in hotels, making sure that guests had the best possible travel experience. But now, concierge services have expanded to all sorts of areas, including travel planning, shopping, and even healthcare!

To become a concierge, you’ll likely start out working as an entry-level customer service provider, learning the ropes from experienced concierges. And your salary will depend on your experience and the size of the company you’re working for.

Marketing Manager:

If you’re creative, analytical, and have great communication skills, then being a marketing manager could be right up your alley.

They are responsible for figuring out how to promote a business’s products or services, using market research to identify opportunities, and then managing campaigns to reach customers. Depending on your experience, you could make anywhere from $60,000 to $120,000 a year!

Flight Attendant:

Flight attendants are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of airline passengers.

Greeting passengers as they board the plane, helping them find their seats, and providing safety instructions.

Let’s be honest: some people need a refresher on how to buckle a seatbelt.

During the flight, they assist with any questions or concerns; if an emergency arises, they’ll be ready to handle it like a pro.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for flight attendants was $56,640 in May 2020. The top 10 percent earned more than $80,870 annually.

The irregular hours and time away from home can be tough, but it’s all worth it for the thrill of flying the skies.

Retail Associate:

Retail associates are the customer service champs of the store.

They are the helping hand that greets shoppers as they walk in, helps them find what they’re looking for, and makes sure they have a positive shopping experience.

Like a retail detective, always looking for that one item a customer can’t find.

Although the average annual salary for a retail associate in the United States is $25,944, the pay can vary widely depending on the location, company, and years of experience.

Call Center Agent:

PayScale says the median annual salary for a call center agent in the United States is $33,188. As a call center agent, you’re the voice of customer support. You’re the friendly voice that answers the phone, listens to the customer’s concerns, and helps them find a solution to their problem.

Tour Guide:

Tour guides are knowledgeable & charismatic people who bring a place to life, making history and culture come alive for tour groups. They earn $29,370 annually.

The job can be physically demanding, but it’s all worth it to share your love of a place with others and maybe even have a little fun with some inside jokes and puns about local landmarks.

Pros and Cons of a Career in Consumer Services:

Working in consumer services can be both rewarding and challenging. Let’s look at some of the pros & cons of consumer service jobs.


Interaction with others: Working in consumer services involves interacting with people from all walks of life, which allows African Americans to meet new people and learn about their needs and preferences.

Career growth: Many consumer services jobs offer opportunities for growth and advancement, with the potential for higher pay and increased responsibility.

Job satisfaction: Providing excellent customer service can be a source of pride and joy, as it involves helping people solve problems and improve their experiences.


Stressful situations: Customer service jobs can be stressful, especially when dealing with difficult customers or handling emergencies.

Irregular hours: Many consumer services jobs require working on weekends, holidays, or during unconventional hours.

Low pay: Some entry-level consumer services jobs may have relatively low income, although many offer opportunities for raises and advancement.

Opportunities for Growth and Advancement in Consumer Services:

Many consumer services jobs offer opportunities for growth and advancement, with the potential for higher pay and increased responsibility. 

For example, a retail associate may be promoted to a supervisory or management position, while a call center agent may move up to a team leader or trainer role.

Potential Challenges and Stressors of Consumer Services Jobs:

Consumer services jobs can be challenging and stressful, especially when dealing with difficult customers or handling emergencies.

Call center agents, for example, may have to take angry or upset customers regularly. Flight attendants may also need to respond to medical emergencies or other in-flight incidents.

To succeed in these roles, you must remain calm under pressure & have strong communication and problem-solving skills.

Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

The job outlook for consumer services is generally positive, with steady demand for retail, hospitality, and customer service workers.

While some entry-level positions may offer relatively low pay, there are opportunities for growth and advancement, and continuing education and training can help individuals expand their career options.

Compared to other career paths, consumer services may offer more direct interaction with customers and a chance to impact people’s lives positively.

Factors that Affect Salaries in Consumer Services:

The salaries of consumer services jobs can vary depending on various factors. Let’s look at some of the skills and factors affecting wages in this field.


Communication: Excellent communication skills are essential in consumer services jobs, as they involve interacting with customers and clients regularly.

Sales: Some consumer services jobs, such as sales associate or tour guide, require strong sales skills in order to upsell or promote products or services.

Technical expertise: Certain consumer services jobs, such as call center agent or IT support specialist, require technical expertise to troubleshoot issues and provide effective solutions.

Leadership: Strong leadership and decision-making skills can be key to success in management or supervisory roles.


Education and experience: Education and experience can determine salary levels for consumer services jobs. Advanced degrees or specialized training may be required for certain roles, while relevant work experience can demonstrate expertise and improve earning potential.

Industry and company: Different industries and companies may offer varying salary levels for similar roles. For example, retail associates may earn more at high-end luxury stores than discount retailers.

Geographic location: Salaries can vary depending on the cost of living in different regions or cities. Jobs in urban areas or regions with higher living costs may offer higher salaries.

Demand and competition: The need for certain consumer services jobs, such as flight attendants or tour guides, may fluctuate depending on the season or economic conditions. High competition for certain roles can also impact salary levels.

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