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Is Consumer Non-durables a Good Career Path?

The short answer is Yes, it is!

Consumer non-durables is an exciting, lucrative field that will keep you engaged and challenged for years. It’s also a field that has plenty of room for growth and expansion as time goes on.

If you want to track a livelihood in consumer non-durables, do not wander here and there! We can give you throughout assistance in deciding whether it is a good fit for your career or not!

Consumer Durables vs Non-Durables: What’s the Difference?

Consumer durables are products that are expected to last more than three years. Examples of consumer durables include cars, televisions, computers, and furniture. These items require a much larger initial investment than consumer non-durables but can be used longer without needing replacement.

Consumer non-durables do not last long and have lifespan of minutes to three years. This includes items like cleaning supplies, paper products, and personal care products. They are different from consumer durables because they don’t require a long-term investment of time or money to use them.

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How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Non-Durables?

The non-durables consumer industry has seen steady job growth over the past few years. The number of jobs available in this sector nearly doubled between 2013 and 2022, with a current total of 2.5 million openings. Consumer non-durables, such as clothing, food, or household supplies, are not expected to last longer than one year.

The highest number of jobs available in this field are in manufacturing: approximately 1 million employees work there. There are also many opportunities for employment at retail stores, where retail salespeople account for approximately 800,000 jobs.

The consumer non-durables industry is expected to continue growing rapidly over the next decade as well as beyond 2023 due to rising demand from consumers and increased spending on these products by consumers around the world.

Reasons Why Consumer Non-Durable Career Is A Good Career

Consider applying for roles in this field, as there are many reasons why a career could be great for many reasons including:

  • It is an opportunity to work with customers directly.
  • It is a small field of companies or firms that can employ you.
  • A career in the consumer non-durable industry can be very challenging and diverse, which is why many people enjoy the career.
  • The work environment for the consumer non-durable industry is usually pleasant, and the dress code is more casual than in other careers.
  • It can be a very good-paying career with room for advancement.
  • Consumer non-durables are always changing; they will never become monotonous or boring.

Top 10 Companies to Apply in the Consumer Non-durable Industry

To help you find a job in the consumer non-durable industry, we’ve identified the 10 leaders in the sector based on market cap.

1. Coca-Cola

2. P&G

3. Unilever

4. Nestle

5. L’Oreal Paris

6. Reckitt Benckiser Group plc

7. Diageo Plc

8. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

9. PepsiCo, Inc. (PEP)

10. Procter & Gamble Co

What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly earning for a job in consumer non-durables is $33.75 as of Dec 2022. However, there are many types of jobs available in this sector. For example, a food technologist with several years of experience working for a top-notch company can make $101,000 per year in consumer non-durables. By contrast, an entry-level grocery associate makes only $29,000 per year.

The following are 10 common jobs in the consumer non-durables industry, along with information about their pay rates:

Food Technologist

Salary range: $39,000 – $101,000

Food technologists research and develop new food products and test them for quality and safety. They also evaluate the nutritional value of foods, test for pesticide residues and other contaminants, and analyze food to determine whether it meets industry standards for safety, quality, and nutrition.

Restaurant General Manager

Salary range: $72,000 – $41,000

Restaurant general managers oversee all aspects of their restaurant, from training new employees to marketing the restaurant to ensuring everything runs smoothly once it opens. They oversee everything from ordering supplies to managing budgets and hiring staff members. Restaurant general managers typically have at least five years’ experience in the industry and prior management experience before becoming general managers themselves.

Food and Beverage Manager

Salary range: $39,000 – $71,000

Food and beverage managers oversee all aspects of a restaurant’s food, beverage, and overall service. They work closely with chefs to ensure that the menu items are prepared correctly, and they also supervise the staff to ensure that customers receive excellent service at all times.


Salary range: $32,000 – $69,000

Chefs oversee all aspects of food preparation in a restaurant or private club. They may be responsible for ordering supplies and overseeing all aspects of food preparation from start to finish. Chefs may also serve as executive chefs in charge of an entire kitchen staff or as part of a management team in charge of multiple restaurants within a chain.


Salary range: $28,000 – $58,000

Estheticians provide skin care treatments and perform facial treatments, including facials, peels, and waxing. They also may offer advice on diet, exercise, makeup, and skin care products. They may work in various settings, including salons, day spas, health clubs, and medical offices.

Hair Stylist

Salary range: $23,000 – $59,000

Hair stylists cut and style hair using clippers and scissors to create different looks with hair length and texture. Some may specialize in cutting or coloring hair or both. They may work at salons or barber shops or cut hair in private homes for clients who use their services regularly.

Beauty Consultant

Salary range: $30,000 – $36,000

A beauty consultant is a person who helps customers select the right products for their needs and provides advice on how to use those products. This can be an entry-level job for people who want to work in the beauty industry, or it can be a career for someone who wants to start a career out of helping others with their care needs.

Grocery Associate

Salary range: $29,000 – $33,000

A grocery associate works in the grocery store as either a cashier or stocker/putter-inner. Cashiers take money from customers and pay them back with food items or gift cards; stockers/putters-inners put the food items away into the correct spots on shelves before customers come in and buy them (or else they have to move all those items back).


Salary range: $24,000 – $37,000

Cooks prepare food for people to eat in restaurants or at home. Cooks usually have high school diplomas or equivalent experience working in kitchens. They may receive formal training from an employer or apprentice to learn specific skills on the job. Cooks often work nights and weekends, especially in busy restaurants where they may need to be available 24 hours a day.


Salary range: $21,000 – $34,000

Butchers work in meat processing plants to cut up animals into parts that can be sold at retail stores or restaurants. Butchers earn at least $30,000 annually but may make more based on experience and skill level. Becoming a butcher requires formal training in cutting meat and maintaining sanitation standards.


Consumer non-durable is a big industry, and with the right skills and attitude, one can have a huge career. This industry is expected to grow at a very fast pace in the coming years, providing excellent job opportunities for candidates interested in it.

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